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Morons of the World: Untie!

Your daily dose of Garrett a.k.a. Blond Jesus.

It's time to take it home to the people who matter.

I've had all I can stand. And I can't stand it no more! Famous words from Popeye the Sailor Man! In the last 4 months I've spent hours laboring over what to do. You see, my friends, as wonderful as Facebook is at times, though lately mostly not, I've struggled. Struggled with seeing moronic posts from people I once thought sane. Struggled with political rants (from both sides) on who's to blame for this and that. Struggled with people posing as experts on subjects clearly they're uninformed on. Struggled with seeing a social media that is no longer enjoyable. And, I'm sure many have made similar comments on my posts. So I'm making a conscious semi-uncoupling with Facebook and social media. I'm done "unfollowing" people so I won't offend them for not seeing their daily moronic babbling. For a long time I was too passive-aggressive to simply cut the cord. In the last 4 months, I've unfriended over 4,500 "friends" and thought that would be enough. It's not. I'm now done "unfriending" people for being complete morons. You can still be my friend on Facebook and be a complete moron. I'm done finding ways to ignore you. I hear from dozens and dozens and dozens of people every week - both publicly and privately on the comments I share. I recognize "the brand" I've created and tend to stay on topic. You know, positive messages about hope and inspiration. The lessons I've learned along the way. I hear you. I love your feedback. And I'm continuing my evolution HERE with you now. I'm looking forward to a new year filled with fun stories about life and the people and events it brings me. Subscribe. Click. Read. Share. It's all good. But if you're a moron, go ahead and keep being a moron. You'll just have to be that without me.

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