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Welcome To Your Wonderful Wednesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! There was a time a few years ago when my forehead should have looked like Rocky after Clubber Lang finished with him. I was ignoring all the signs. You see, my friends, I was in a job I once loved and was richly rewarded for my work in the form of huge monthly commission. I no longer loved my job. I had lost all respect for the people I worked for. And being rewarded for hard work was laughed at with excuses and finger pointing.

God, the Universe, my Angels, all had different plans for me. It was time for me to make a change in my life. It was happening, slowly, but it was happening. I just chose not to see the flashing red lights. "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!" For a few years, I kept working for people who ethically were unlike me. I watched my commissions shrink. I chose to endure the daily rants "This is your fault for selling something we can't service after we told you we could service this." I kept praying for change. "Please God! Make it change!" Like a genie from Aladdin's lamp, "Your wish is my command!" It did change! It kept getting worse! To get me away from the Evil Empire, I started writing a Gratitude Journal. "I am grateful for the perfect paying part-time job." "I am grateful for..." Before you know it, I had a perfect paying part-time job. It wasn't Barbie's dream job, but... It let me pay my bills. It technically let me work 40+ hours every week on a part-time status. I was able to eat and pay rent - both in the same month! I was promoted 5 times in 9 months. I was on the cover of their employee magazine. I drank all the Kool-Aid gratefully. Plus, it was 5 minutes from the house. Perfect! And part-time! Long after I should have been made full-time, and wasn't, I realized I was getting exactly what I asked for. A perfect-paying part-time job. It was time to change my gratitude exactly a year ago today. The lesson learned: be specific about what I am grateful for. I am good at manifesting in my life now. Giving thanks for what I have comes easily to me now. Giving thanks for the good coming to me comes even easier to me now. I focus on gratitudes like, "Angels, I thank you for the perfect paying full time job now." "Angels, I thank you for my perfect health now." "Angels, I thank you for the wealth in my life now." "Angels, thank you for the right people and events in my life now." "Angels, I thank you for my car that's reliable, safe, fuel efficient and fun to drive now." Which brings me to this morning where I'm grateful for my network of friends who get into the circle of trust and we stay connected, protecting one another, looking out for each other, and helping our collective rise.

The sign today is next steps and being open and aware they are here, they are coming, they are exactly what I'm asking for. I am grateful.

What are you doing in your life today that you're grateful for? Share your story here!

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