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Welcome To Your Fantastic Friday

Believe & Receive. Attract & Allow. It rained a lot here at the beach yesterday. It rained a lot at work, too. We need the moisture, the snow in the mountains and all that goes with it for the warmer months ahead. In the moment, mostly while in a suit & tie, or when driving, I dread the rain. Thankfully, the majority of the time the bowling ball sized drops were pelting the pavement, I was inside the office grateful my 12:30p was a no-show. The prospect was set to tour 3 communities. I was the middle one. Just for "fun" I called the first community to see if he showed up. Nope. My suit appeared to be safe from the downpour. I won't even get started on my hair! My friend Julie always says, "Rainy days and holidays bring out people who are buyers. Who wants to shop for a home in the rain or on a holiday? Buyers. That's who." So when it rains and my schedule fills up, I'm excited. The 2 appointments later in the day who did appear were future shopping. Fine. But when there is less of a sense of urgency on their part simply because they want to "look around" to see what's out there for their June move - in JANUARY - come on! These people are usually folks who haven't shopped for a home or know the timing of "the when" so it's a chance to educate, save them some time and give them a solid foundation for a successful search in the future - when it's 3-6 weeks before they really want to move. I'm setting the alarm clock for 6:15a on my "early" days Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat, though I wake up ahead of this with Jenny now doing "The Sookie" and repositioning herself on my pillow or resting her head on mine for last minute snuggles. Today as I'm pondering, "Do I get up at 6:09? 6:12?" My computer monitor popped on and WAH-LAH, the sign was clear. Right now I spend the time at whatever time I get up before 7a just sitting upright, waking up, drinking coffee and reading the headlines for the stories I will never read on a couple of the major news sites. "Yep, the headlines definitely prove all resemblance of journalistic integrity have completely evaporated." When I read a headline beginning with, "The internet is blowing up over how XXX did YYY and you will freak." That's not the article on the economy that I'll be reading. Ya know what I mean? I tend to avoid the news - as unbiased reporting is an ancient art leaving Walter Cronkite to roll over in his grave. On my late start on Sunday (noon) and days off on Monday/Tuesday, I'm getting 3 solid work outs in each week. I'd like to get back up to 5. Summer is coming. This #DadBod won't get back into #HotDadBod shape without a little more effort. The trick - daylight. As the mornings get brighter earlier, I'm absolutely more inclined to get moving earlier. Getting up before 6:15 is an absolute requirement. My mind questions HOW MUCH earlier so I can be Too Legit To Quit and still get my morning ritual of nothing completed. Perhaps 5:45a? That would be a solid 30 of cardio and I can get my weights done relatively quickly once I'm hot and sweaty from the elliptical. It's just getting that first foot on the machine, pressing start and DOING IT. I'm sharing this with you here because I'm both rambling, stalling and now becoming accountable to myself for sharing my stall-tactics with you. It's Friday and the sun is poking through the clouds. Rain will be back on Saturday in large quantities. I'll be enjoying a dropless day today and posing for as many selfies as my team will entertain. How about you? What's exciting for your Friday? Who are you rooting for on Superbowl Sunday? The Mighty Ducks? The Trailblazers? The Yankees? Do you have a favorite eat you love to prepare? DISH here and share your stories and pictures!

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