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Welcome To Your Fantastic Friday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! George Michael. My greatest musical inspiration for the last 30 years. I wonder why we pick the musicians or athletes or firefighters or teachers or actors or others as the person we most connect with. Especially when we've never met them in person, or even if we have, only know what they present as their public persona. "Gitterbug." Two finger snaps. "Gitterbug." Two finger snaps. "Gitterbug." Two finger snaps. "You put the boom boom into my heart..." And the rest is history. At least it was for me in 1984. How come it wasn't a Billy Idol, or a Tom Cruise or some other recognizable icon of the era? Why George Michael? The Choose Life t-shirts and neon pink shorts? It didn't take a collection of hits to lock me in. Just one simple bubble gummy song that didn't make a lot of sense. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. In March the George Michael Collection at Christie's makes its debut and I'm wondering what treasures will be found. The proceeds will go to charity, but that's not really the point for collectors. It's to own something that once belonged to that person. What if the item wasn't really something that person cherished, but it just looked cool? Years ago, I had a friend who bought a dress Marilyn Monroe wore in one of her movies proudly displayed in a glass case with a spot light on it. I always though it was neat, but what do really do with something like that except look at it and go, "Ooooh... ahhhhh." That part of art, or collecting, escapes me. What doesn't escape me is the feeling I get every time I hear Careless Whisper on the radio. Or when I hear White Light on my iPad when I'm working out. The giant smile I can't hide every time I'm Your Man blasts in the Camaro with the top down driving along PCH. For sure I'll be checking out the items at auction. Not really in the market for items, even if it were George's favorite fork to eat with. I'd definitely be more inclined to hear the vaults of tunes unreleased waiting for the world. Time will reveal. Which singer or group changed your world and why? Post your story and share your pictures here!

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