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Welcome To Your Fantastic Friday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! Now that the 6" of rain yesterday, 3 flash flood warnings and soaked clothing have subsided... It would seem to be a great day to sage the house and the office today. The skies may be clear for the moment, but more rain is in store later today here at the beach. Perhaps I'll put some sage & rosemary into the diffuser and let the scents work their magic in lieu of lighting one of my homemade sage sticks. Even though the house is cleaned, ready for my new AirBnB guest from Ohio today, what I'm craving are some open windows, temperatures in the high 60's and sunshine pouring through the house. That will have to wait at least another week. We'll soon return to the remainder of our congressionally approved mandate for 341 days of sunshine in Huntington Beach. It's also welcome to see more daylight as we start getting closer to spring and summer. Viva the difference. While Noah was cruising down the canal next to our community at work yesterday in Ark 2: The Wrath of Rain, I spent the day without a single prospect appointment. A full 8-hours with "nothing" to do. That was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up! There were papers to be organized, filed strategically for easy follow up. There were computer systems to streamline. There were expired contracts needing to be archived. And even time to create some floor plan flyers for my Resident Services team so they can have the same professional looking materials I provide my clients when they tour. At the end of the day, however, I was glad to go home on time. Valentines Day night was really wild here at the #SBR (Secret Beach Retreat). I fed the puppies. We watched part of one episode of the new season of Shameless. Then it was bed time - all before 9p! Jenny, per usual, now snuggles right next to my head/chest in bed. Eric is not far away. Bill and Angie now like to sleep in a different section of the bed - and these natural mid-night waker-uppers are game for at least 2 rounds of "Papa, we have to go potty - get your ass out of bed and open the door!" How did you celebrate the big night? Go anywhere fun and make others work for you? Did you stay at home and eat a tub of cookies and cream ice cream like someone I know (looking in a mirror)? Share your story about love and romance, and post your pictures here.

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