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Welcome To Your Sensational Sunday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow!

It rained. Then it rained some more. After that, the rains came. There were alerts for flash floods over the radios yesterday. Noah and His Ark were on standby. Luckily we were not washed away. What started out as a mega slow day with no-shows and cancels, turned out to be as wild as the rain whipping around Orange County yesterday. Insane in the Membrane Crazy. Luckily I escaped a little after 6p and went to work at a much calmer Ralphs' for 4 hours from 7-11p. Just when I think I'm done there, I get a text, "Can you come in tonight?" Part of me loves it. Part of me questions my sanity. And, finally, the reality of me sitting at home on Saturday night kicks in and going in and making some money for my retirement account doesn't seem that much of an ordeal. Luckily, I love the people I work with at both jobs and can find fun in most things. Most of the time. Today, this picture popped up on my timeline from 3 years ago. The Blond Jesus movement was in full force with the controversial cover of Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' reimagined for the LGBT community leading the way. I simply love this picture Dean Miller took of me in Chandler, AZ. I love the look. I love the image. It's so manufactured. How in the world I ever wanted to do the hair extensions - which were both expensive and excruciating to wear for over 6 months is beyond me. Looking back the "good pictures' like this one and the cover art for the album make it look super awesome, but reality sometimes get blurred with a little photoshopping along the way. Part of me wants to be raw, authentic and "edgy" like this picture. Then there's work Garrett who wears a suit and tie, smiles and is always friendly and helpful. What is my reality? Where does one persona begin and the other end? How much line crossing is allowed before someone complains "Now you've done it!" I don't really enjoy being filtered. One my pet peeves is our societies transformation to be Snuggle Soft, gentle, politically correct, socially aware and bland as vanilla pudding. The world where everyone is a winner, everyone is special and we all get a trophy when the game ends with our gluten free snack pack grates on my nerves. A LOT. Should anyone be bullied? Of course not. But I'd much rather have someone say, "Your hair looks like crap today!" and just say it how it really is. The "Well, that certainly is an interesting choice of hairspray" makes me want to puke. Creatively, I think this is one reason I chose the album title Blond Jesus and recorded a song called Gay Wedding. Either you're going to get it and be on the BJ-Express and we'll smile together, or your panties will be in a giant wad and you'll be super judgy before returning to your glass house.

I want people to say what they think. Love it. Hate it. Both options are equally awesome. Stirring the pot in either direction is a good mix for today's #Glop. How are you celebrating the SuperBowl today? Who are you rooting for? I'm excited this year it's a Triple Threat Game with the San Jose Sharks vs. the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks. Who would have seen this before the season started?!! Certainly not the Rams or Patriots. Share your favorite game day snack and post your pictures here! And.. It's a nice day for a Gay Wedding!

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