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Welcome To Your Sensational Sunday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! Remember that one time... in the studio... when I got to work with legendary music producer Rick Giantos, Scherrie Payne (The Supremes) and Jessica Williams on The Peace Projects "La La Peace Song...." Remember when I had long hair? Oh those were the days. 40 years ago. 30 years ago. 20 year ago. Even 10 years ago if you told me, "Garrett, one day you are going to be in the same room with respected, internationally known, magically talented people who are genuine, nice, professional and will treat you like family..." I'd have thought you'd lost your marbles. Yet here we are in the recording studio working on a track back in 2016. Time has flown by since and, honestly, it's really Rick I have to thank for making an effort to stay connected to me once I'd cut the hair and returned to the world of working a normal job. Rick is a great example of someone with musical creativity to help the recording artists shine bright in the studio. He's also a great example of someone who works the regular job, saves his money, and then heads back into the studio to create. Why? Because it's in his DNA to create. If it were a perfect world and money or time wasn't an object, I'm not sure he'd ever leave the studio. It's his passion. One of the greatest gifts Rick has shared with me is his decades long friendship with Scherrie Payne, the lead singer of The Supremes (yes, THOSE Supremes) in the 1970's after Diana left for her solo career. I'm not sure when we first met after they were a guest on Rated G Radio, but meeting Scherrie in person was like meeting a long-lost friend. Genuine, friendly, sincere and sweet as can be. Then there's that magical voice she gifts the world. Monday, tomorrow, Rick generously offered to include me in Scherrie's new music video. I will be playing the part of a piano player in a bar. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the team involved and "acting" again. It's usually right about this time of the year I'm offered to be in a commercial, a web-series, a music video, an indie movie. I stopped questioning a couple years back and just say "YES" when the messages comes in. Though today, I'm getting ready to workout, feed the puppies and head into the office for my "Friday" of work at Noon today. It's been a weird week of prospect traffic - tire kicking and not a lot of serious buyers. Perhaps today will be different. How are you spending your Sunday? Are you creating anything exciting? Reconnecting with friends who inspire? Share your story and post your pictures here!

Scherrie Payne, Jessica Williams, Garrett Miller, Rick Gianatos

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