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Welcome To Your Spectacular Saturday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! Generosity comes in many forms. Sometimes it's a kind word. Sometimes it's a friendly voice to talk with. Sometimes it's sharing a meal. And other times it's being a creative spirit and sharing yourself and your projects with the world. Michael Vaccaro, the creator, writer and star of the web series, "Child of the 70's" is generous. To a fault. Michael is one of the first people in Hollywood I met when I started doing Rated G Radio and was a generous guest. Full of personality and charm, the listeners loved his appearances. Loyal till his last breath, Michael takes his craft as seriously as he does his friendships. Over the last few years, Michael has been a willing subject for me to photograph on multiple occasions, and shared his ideas on creative projects I was interested in. Michael also gave me my "first big break" of sorts on camera and included me in his production of COTS as if we'd been life-long friends. The simple gesture of "Yes, we'd love to have you" quickly demonstrated the class and savvy he easily masters in his daily adventures. I was offered the opportunity to be "background" in the season 4 finale. Much to my enjoyment, Michael extended the chance to play "Blond Jesus" in the season 5 series as well. Luckily there were about 2 lines, which I'm sure were botched beyond belief. However, Michael and his team of professional actors, directors and crew were completely a class act.

February 1st, last night, Michael and the entire ensemble came together to celebrate the long-awaited premier of the final season of the show. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend and be part of the festivities, though I enjoyed hearing about the event. In life there are many people who come in and out of your life. Some stay for a long time, others a short while. In yours, I hope you'll be fortunate to have a Michael Vaccaro in yours. How are you spending your Saturday? We're expecting 3-7" of rain today. Share your story and post your pictures here!

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