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Welcome To Your Spectacular Saturday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow!

The last two days at work have been challenging to convince myself that even Al Franken would be on #TeamGarrett. You know, "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!" With the rain, the week has been horrifically slow. Like two appointments Wednesday. Zero appointments on Thursday. Yesterday, I had one appointment and it was probably the biggest "slam dunk" of slam dunking and I helped talk the customer out of doing the deal. Granted, that was in her best immediate interest, but still! When I have great weeks in leasing, I do no wrong. I tell the funniest jokes. I present the greatest tours. I can be charismatic and dynamic. I speak with confidence. And people lease with ease and grace. The bell in the church tower bangs loudly. People cheer. Babies giggle. It's a thing of beauty. That's not this week. Or maybe it's not how I see myself this week. I'm going to Blame It On The Rain. This week, it's like I'm having a bad hair day every day. "Oh we can't go there! The guy with the bad hair is working today! We can't lease from someone with bad hair - he'll clearly not have any presence of mind to help us find our perfect new home!" Even people who want to lease with me are dragging their feet. "Please re-send us the quote, we really want that home!" And yet, they let the quote expire. Again. For the 8th time. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. Today will be a challenge of my intestinal fortitude. Between Simone, my bff counterpart, and myself, we have 11 tours currently on the books. It's 6:48a and it will be even busier. "NEXT!" Essentially, we'll be touring prospects back-to-back-to-back-to-back until we close tonight. It will be fast and furious. Dwayne Johnson may even want to do a new franchise spin off. That's how crazy it will be. Which will be great - as there have to be some buyers in the mix today. Tire kickers - meh. We want buyers today! Please! Give me some confidence back! You'll get a free hug with purchase, and I promise to bribe you with candy from the "good" candy bowl at my desk. How are you spending your Saturday? How will you be overcoming yourself? Post your pictures and share your stories!

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