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Welcome To Your Spectacular Saturday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! People are interesting. Especially people with money, power, control or information. These are people who have been gifted with position. How did they achieve their status? Were they born into it? Did they get a lucky stock tip? Did they work their ass off and earn it? Did they happen to network with the right people at the right time? When I run into people in my day to day life, it's always interesting to see their personalities in play. Especially if they are "important" and have a perceived "value" to what they do or who they are. It's been my experience most people who are in a position of importance are usually some of the nicest, most genuine people on the planet. More than likely, you'd never guess that in a million years they own such and such company or were the ones who invented the internet - because we know that's Al Gore. People with money, power and influence fascinate me. Probably because they don't seem that different than me. So, how did they do what they did to do what they've done to get to where they're in such a position? THAT is what I'm always trying to figure out. Because I want to be that way, too. Yes, back in the day, in the not so distant past, I made a healthy 6-figure income and gave it all up for one simple word: INTEGRITY. Getting back on a fast-track to wealth, position and power is not as easy as one might think. However, I am happy with the life I've rebuilt. Today, I'm writing about people who are not the people referenced above, but who like to act or think otherwise. Today, I'm writing about people who WANT to be the rich, powerful, successful, but are determined to fight themselves every step of the way simply for one obstacle. Themselves. These are the people who may have some special skill, connection or other charm - yet insist on obstructing their path to power. "Don't you know who I am?" Yes, I know who you you are - you're super self-important and highly insufferable. Case in point, last year I decided to turn my second bedroom into an AirBnB to help make up money from choosing not to have a roommate. Several of my neighbors are successful hosts and encouraged me to do the same. Without any practical experience underneath my feet, my next door neighbor, and tall-story teller Mark, made the suggesting, "I've got this friend a couple of streets over. Let me contact him for you as he's done this for years and is an expert in getting it set up." Great! So the expert neighbor and I connected the dots, set up a meeting at the house where he proceeds to tell me how great he is and his vast experience in dealing with guests/tenants from his families decades of property management. He shared his take on providing dynamic customer service in a timely manner. For his wisdom and pre-screening, I'd be asked to give him 20% of the listing. Sounded good to me! In the beginning he was Johnny-On-The-Spot. Quick to reply to listings. Quick to respond to my questions. After the first month, however, questions took longer to answer. Listings inquiries were taking longer to answer - if at all. Recently, I had an "urgent" request I needed help with that was time sensitive for an upcoming reservation. I texted him, his preferred communication method. 27 hours later I got a casual reply. The convenience of his expertise with a 20% slice was worth it when replies and interaction are timely. It's not when the great answer comes a day late, and now a dollar short. This week I chose not to listen any longer. The message was loud and clear. I listen a LOT now when I work with people. It reveals so much. How are you spending your weekend? Watching the Oscars? Which movie are you rooting for? Share your story and post your pictures here.

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