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Welcome To Your Terrific Tuesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! What to do on your day off? How about playing the part of the piano player for a big time singing star in a remake of Judy Garland's "The Man That Got Away." Scherrie Payne performs the song with such a haunting brilliance, I cannot wait to see the finished product. Rick Gianatos directed the piece, as well as produced Scherrie's version. What an actress she is, as well. I think one of my take-away's from yesterday is to keep things simple. Rick's vision, including some visual tributes to Joan Crawford, will make the video stunning. I try to watch, listen and learn every time I'm on a set. As many tricks as I can put into the memory hat, I'll tuck away for my next rainy day. Being asked to participate, really, is an honor. This is the 2nd video I've been involved with for her as background. We also worked together on Rick's remake of the "La La Piece Song" from last year, too. Rick has such an eye for detail, it's a treat to watch him painstakingly look for the right take, the right lighting, the right movement. In the end, the projects look and sound spectacular. Today is my day to get caught up around the house, enjoy a little sunshine, get a work out in, errands and such. I'm also putting my thinking cap on for yet more possibilities to work together with this team later this year. The possibilities for something dynamic in 2020: endless! How are you celebrating your Tuesday? Post your pictures and share your stories here!

Scherrie Payne & Garrett Miller

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