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Welcome To Your Terrific Tuesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! It's my Sunday today, even though it's Tuesday. Getting ready to wrap up my 'weekend' today with a trip to the chiropractor, then getting acupuncture, the dry cleaners - and today, livin' large and getting my haircut by Larry at Anaheim Hair Company. It sounds very routine, but it's not. Today is the first time in over 3 years I'll have Larry professionally color/weave/highlight my hair. The last couple of years with cost cutting at a premium, through his guidance, I've blonded the hair on my own to save money. Keep in mind that Larry is always a bargain, even at bargain prices, it simply wasn't something I could swing. During these Dark Ages of Roots, sometimes the blond looked good. Sometimes it looked too gold. Sometimes I just went without. Sometimes I shaved my head. I'm also finally coming to the realization that I can "just" work my one job and will figure out a way to make ends meet. Since July, I've been roommate-less, which, energetically, is a huge relief to not have a Sybil or the poster-adult for Morons of the Universe Untie. It also terrified me on HOW will I ever make ends meet on my own. Then mysterious people from lands far away send me cash gifts unexpectedly. New website clients hired me to build their sites. People purchased my essential oil blends and healing crystal bracelets. The essential oil candles I made for Christmas sold out! And last fall, I turned the old roommate room into Huntington Beach's newest exclusive #SBR (Secret Beach Retreat) to a bevy of 5* reviews you'd only expect at The Four Seasons. "Free puppy petting therapy with every reservation!"

Ahhh, grasshopper, have faith and the way will unfold for you one step at a time. Indeed. For several months it also involved working at my "old job" part-time on my days off and nights after working at the "new job." Some weeks were fun with just an additional 8 hours on one of my 2 days off. Other weeks, while rare, I would end up working 20+ extra hours. Combined with commutes, I had several weeks approaching an 80 hour work week. The work was fun, just energetically exhausting, and I got by. I wasn't getting head, but getting by. Why? Because that's what I asked for.

"Thank you for letting me have enough money to pay rent and buy food this month!"

I couldn't see past just the basics because for a LONG time the basics were a stretch each month.

Now I am putting it out there and being grateful for getting ahead...again. This month, February, I've had my best sales month since joining the company. I'm currently #1 in my office and racing up the company's President's Club rankings for the 2nd community I've been assigned in 6 months. This 'new job' screams, "We made this role just for you! Go have fun doing things you're great at doing - helping others, being creative, and MAKING LOTS OF MONEY!" This is giving me the opportunity today to splurge on wild and crazy things like getting my hair highlighted again. It might seem small to you, but to me this is the equivalent of taking the first steps on the moon. Today I am grateful for the wealth currently in my life which easily allows me to pay rent, buy food, pay my bills and to rest easy at night. And I'm also grateful for the FREE financial windfall I'm receiving now. What is a FREE financial windfall? Perhaps an AirBnB guest will reserve for a few nights. Perhaps it's a check that arrives unexpectedly. Perhaps someone gifts me a big wad of cash for no apparent reason. Perhaps I will find a pot of gold here in my #SBR today. All are possible and I'm excited to see what will happen. How are you spending your Tuesday? What are you grateful for in your life? What would you like to receive more of? Share your story and post your pictures here!

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