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Welcome To Your Terrific Tuesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow!

How do I love two days off, let me count the ways! I love "just" working one full-time job. Figure if I can make ends meet "just" doing one job, my job is done. I'm grateful that my leasing success at work is continuing and people are still finding my presentation engaging, fun, and something you won't see anywhere else. Much like these 4 young lads standing on their heads on the beach, I always try to stand out from the rest of my peers inside and outside the company. Sure there are a lot of beautiful beaches on the planet. Sure there's lots of warm ocean water to swim in. Sure the sands are warm and comfortable to relax in. But how many beaches have 4 dudes standing on their heads in the surf? ONE! And you're lookin' at it! That's my goal every time a new prospect comes walking in the door of my community. Be the clear standout in every way possible.

Yesterday, on my day off, I enjoyed a 2 1/2 hour "bonus hours" training session at headquarters. It featured an elite group of consultants who, by all accounts - which are leases, are leaders in our company. Our goal was to improve our Emotional Intelligence in Sales. Sometimes, that is like standing on your head - at least it is for me. After getting out of training I had the whole day to get stuff done. Honestly, I'm not sure what came over me since the coffee had long since exited my system. Yet, I got laundry done - including dog barfy sheets! Then I tacked making new puppy food in the new pressure cooker/insta-pot I got on a deal from Amazon. It came with about 400 pages of instructions, paperwork and other nonsense. And since I'm a guy, that all sat on the counter and I pushed a couple of buttons. Wah-Lah! Magic! The 8 bone-in chicken breasts cooked to shredded perfection. In the remaining juices - rice and green beans in a second attempt back to back. I went into both attempts with little expectation - my only goal was not to blow up the house. 12 minutes later - the rice was fluffy and cooked with the beans a vibrant green. I'm sure the puppies will appreciate the detail. Then it was off to Acupuncture, Dry Cleaning and getting the gas tank filled on the Camaro. With the house clean, laundry completed, and everything else I'd wanted to get done - done, the puppies and I sat on the sofa in daylight for the first time ever and watched LONDON SPY on Netflix. I wish great shows like this would have more than 1 season - yet it's more typical to have shorter series runs with British shows and leave when it's still engaging.

And by 7:47p last night, believe it or not, it was time for bed. The puppies and I raced down to the bed, climbed in and snuggled up for a solid nights rest in freshly washed sheets. I wonder if they care, or are just happy to be packed in like sardines while allowing me the last 4" of the mattress that allows me to haphazardly sleep on my side for the night. Getting ready for the workout and finding fun things to keep my brain active today. How are you spending your Tuesday? Will it involve tacos?!? Post your pictures and share your story here!

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