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Welcome To Your Thursday Thunder

Believe & Recieve! Attract & Allow! Yesterday at work was a fury of chaos. There were a lot of tire kickers. Future kickers. And not a lot of anything serious for people looking to move anytime before 2043. Or so it seemed. My Assistant Manager officially proclaimed, "Your pipeline is getting bigger!" I think it's a nice consolation prize when our teammates encourage us for future business with the pipe... line. The odds exponentially decrease to lease the moment that prospect walks about the door. You can be the most qualified, dynamic, energetic, consultative, best-dressed, well mannered, engaging person on the planet with the perceived perfect place to call home, and if you don't close the client correctly when they leave, the odds of getting them back to lease are something along the lines of winning the Powerball twice, back to back. Can it happen? Statistically, yes. The odds? Improbable. Has it happened to me? Yes. A few times. Sometimes you just don't have the right fit. Yesterday, for example, two of my 4 appointments had "Deal Breaking" requirements: 1st Floor Home. Well, that's great, except we have none currently available, and nothing coming up in their time frame. I had another prospect touring for their sister who lives on the East Coast. So in lieu of actually doing anything directly, she is relying upon her retired sister and brother-in-law to tire kick and impose their desires for what she may actually want upon the tour. They also wanted to see EVERY floor plan, even though only 2 were going to be options the prospect would find viable. Why did they want to see it all? "We're retired. We have time." "It will be my pleasure" (my outside voice said). Then you have prospects who come in and the planets align, the angels are singing and together we find a perfect match for their perfect home and everything goes perfectly and we lease on the spot. That happens. Often. Of course, for me, I want that magic to happen EVERY time. On my To-Do-List is finding ways in my presentation to create that desire within my prospect in a way that truly helps them end their search. This is a perfect appointment. In a perfect day. I like perfect days. A lot.

Part of my perfect days are spending time with my puppies. Ever since Sookie passed last Fall, Jennifer immediately took her place as my pillow snuggler. Something Jenny has never, ever wanted to do or ever even indicated an interest in. At night when I put her on the bed, I'll strategically place her as far away as I can from the sliver of the bed the other 3 allow. When I am ready to climb into bed, Jenny's already gotten under the covers and positioned herself with her head just above the covers and head resting on the pillow right where I'll go to sleep. This morning I wanted another half hour of sleep before getting up, but Jenny had other ideas. She repositioned herself right next to me as if to give me a hug, looked up and rested her face on mine. For the next 42 minutes I held her and she drifted off to puppy paradise. I like being a multi-purpose human for my puppies. How about you? What do you enjoy most during your day to serve others? Post your comments here and share your story!

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