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Welcome To Your Thursday Thunder

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! Happy Valentines Day to everyone who falls prey to the imaginary role of chocolate and flowers in making up for grumpy behavior since New Years Day. Bah Humbug. Am I bitter? No. I feel the same about most holidays and the clever marketing which plays us like fools every year. "He went to Jared." "A Mercedes or nothing." "You deserve a break today." You've seen the ads. You've seen the fake romantic problem-less couples who celebrate their love with a credit card and long-term future debt which makes as much sense as deciding to have a child to save the relationship. The reality of relationships: they're hard. Once the bloom is off the overpriced dozen of roses you've purchased today, it's hard. I have had 2 "relationships" in my life. The first one in my late 20's was a disaster from day one, but I thought once we were in it, that's what it was supposed to be like every day. A few years later, the second one was much better. Though, as time wore on and the rose color faded from my glasses, I became less and less of a good partner. Is it because I'm a Libra and only want to see the pretty in life? Never show me the preparation to be pretty - just be pretty. At all times. Perhaps. Perhaps I'm simply not meant to be in a long lasting relationship filled with imaginary sunshine and rainbows every day. Now that I've been single for the last 5 years, each year I become less and less interested in "finding someone special" simply because, selfishly, I LOVE being single. I love coming and going as I please. I love eating when and what I want without commentary. I love not talking to anyone except the puppies when I'm home. And we have pretty awesome conversations. I love sharing the bed only with the puppies and their designated spot they give me to rest each night. I love going to bed at 8:30 one night and 11 the next. I love going to the movies by myself. I love going out to eat by myself. I love everything about being single! Except for it doesn't sell as a picture perfect 1950's version of what life should be with Ward & June Cleaver with Wally & the Beaver, I'm really not sure why our goal is force fed to be coupled. It makes no sense to me. You meet. You have some great dates. You meet friends. You meet family. You decide "this is it - forever..." Until you actually cohabitate, have kids, buy cars, buy houses, get a mortgage, and settle into the non-exciting daily routine of life. Then all the cute things they used to do magically amplify on the annoying scale to the point you'd like to pull your hair our (if you have any left) and scream a the top of your lungs. Yeah, let's fix that with Valentines Day where you can overspend on crap you're led to believe will magically make your daily life work. Good luck with that. Blech! NEXT! Rinse! Repeat! The next one will be different. Until it isn't.

So today, and all holidays, I'll smile, play along with all of you romantics out there who believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. It is charming to see in its own way. And for the 1% out there who really are meant for one another and are genuinely giddy at each others presence, today is your day and I celebrate your enthusiasm. Everyone else - I've got your number. You can't fool me. With all of my sunshine on this day filled with raindrops that won't seem to leave the beach, how are you celebrating today? What will you do for your one and only today? Share your story and post your pictures here.

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