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Welcome To Your Thursday Thunder!

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! If it's not rain. It's wind. Last night on the way home from work, it rained harder here in Huntington Beach than I've ever experienced since the monsoon's in Phoenix years ago. The patio was flooded. The water quickly approaching my room - again. And by 9p the rain had stopped, and when I let the dogs out to go potty, the wind had decided to kick in, too. Why not? And the drenched patio from just an hour prior was nearly dry. Throughout the night, Bill and Angie have this mid-night routine of getting up at different times to go potty. I"m not sure they really have the urge as they are now just used to going out at some point, as Jenny & Eric are always fine to remain snuggled in bed. Yet, when they leap out of bed at separate times, they shake their head to make sure to alert me they want to go outside. If I pretend not to notice, they will walk up the dog stairs to the bed, poke me and get me up. "Really?!" "Yes, papa, we have to tinkle. Outside. Now." Once they scout the #SBR compound, they race back in and head back into bed under the covers and snuggle back to sleep as if nothing had happened. Every night it's the same routine. Every night I swear I'm not going to fall for it again. When the weather warms up, I can leave the side door open for them to come and go as they please. But when it's "cold" as it is today with the low in the low 40's, keeping the heat in as long as possible is key. I tend to be frugal and do not turn the heater on in the winter, nor the air conditioning in the summer. "We live at the beach - not Fargo or Phoenix!" Yet the last couple of weeks have felt like Fargo or Phoenix. I lived in Phoenix for 100 years, and I'm ever grateful I no longer do. The people are great. The 37 days of 110+ in the summer, and over 150 days of over 100 - yuck. You can have it. I'll "suffer" here at the beach for the few weeks of inclement weather we get each year. Soon enough it'll be back to normal highs in the low 70's, normal low's in the high 50's. Heaven. And as snow falls in Las Vegas today, they can keep that too. Today is Thursday, but "Tuesday" in my work week. Yesterday, the first few hours were catching up from the 193 emails received on my 2 days off. Thankfully, 85% I can delete, and then furiously file through the rest for time sensitive replies. I am having an awesome sales month - #1 in my new community in just 4 short weeks, and racing up the new divisions President's Club rankings in record time. I'm still settling into a routine - surprisingly the weather indirectly dictates how a daily routine evolves, but I'm in a good place. My team is supportive. We help one another. We laugh, a lot. Each day when it's time to turn the lights out and return to our own homes, we shout out the catch phrase from the IKEA commercial, "START THE CAR!" How are you spending your Thursday? Any throwbacking around? Bill, below, will spend his day snuggled under the covers staying warm.

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