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Welcome To Your Wonderful Wednesday

Believe & Recieve! Attract & Allow! I'm excited to head back to work today. On my days off Monday & Tuesday, I got tons accomplished including enduring a migraine, 3 back-to-back awesome work outs, laundry, Glop Preparation, new dog food, vacuuming, and even 2 new windshield wiper blades for the Camaro. I wasn't sure the wiper blades would bring such joy to my world. Perhaps their installation will que the rain to come again another day. One of the things the puppies are getting progressively good at in the night is waking up with the expectation I will open my side door to the courtyard so they can go potty. It would be one thing if it was a combined effort of peeing. I'd get up at 3:14a with the herd and we'd take a field trip for 2 minutes. Telepathically, they are communicating with one another a different plan. It usually starts with Bill, who's the unlikely leader. "Ok, I'll go first around 11:19p. Then Angie, you'll get up at 2:08a. Then Jenny, you'll sit on Papa's head around 3:48a, and then Eric you'll start chirping like a bird around 4:19a." They shake their heads in agreement, and the procession begins. Yes, they ALL have the opportunity to go potty before we go to bed. Granted, I was so excited for work today that bedtime was before 9p last night. Though that should still be less of a contributing factor as the side door is pretty much open for their relief efforts until bedtime. During warmer months, the door is left open a crack during the night and the duo of Angie & Bill will take turns going in/out, but at least they can get down off the bed and back up on their own. Jenny, with her problematic back, and tiny little Eric who decided some months ago the doggy stairs to the bed are possessed, both require, sorry, demand, to be picked up to be put down and once they'd done their outside doody, want to be picked back up and placed back in their spot on the bed. Perhaps these are concentrated efforts by the puppies to present a passive aggressive front for the lack of attention they receive while I'm at work. Though, last night we did pile on one another to binge watch 2 1/2 episodes of Grace & Frankie on Netflix from the couch in the living room. How much MORE attention would these puppies possibly ponder? Cue Andrea True Connections disco classic, "More. More. More."

So this morning, I'm up again, this time for me. The puppies are snuggled in bed an enjoying the opportunity to sleep in until breakfast is prepared for them at 7:40a. You know, their homemade breakfast of rice, green beans and grilled chicken. How are you starting the day today? Who are you serving with pleasure? Post your favorite pictures and share your story here.

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