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Welcome To Your Wonderful Wednesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! The last two days have been a whirlwind of whirling around. I loved working on the "The Man That Got Away" music video with Rick Gianatos directing Scherrie Payne's performance. Yesterday was filled with acupuncture (my guilty pleasure - thank you Courtney at Modern Acupunture of Huntington Beach, errands and more creative work! Whenever I'm on set, I usually run across an opportunity to do another side project. Monday was no exception. So once the laundry was done, errands completed and puppies fed, I put the web designer hat back on and started working on a visually powerful new website for Rick's record label. The cool part about most of my clients, they already have the meat and potatoes done. I just need to sprinkle on some well crafted seasoning and make sure it's cooked to perfection. Today, my current AirBnB guests from Vermont depart. Just in time to turn the room for my upcoming guest from Ohio. Apparently, even though our "arctic like" temperatures in the 50's, Huntington Beach is still better than most parts of the country. We are slated for 2 more days of rain starting later today. I get that we need the rain. I get that the mountains are receiving snow pack which benefits us later in the year, but I'm just over it. At least on days I'm working. Actually, when it rains, the traffic along PCH going to work is a little lighter. That's a bonus. Perhaps my disdain is more for working in the rain in a suite and tie. #FirstWorldProblem. Even with an umbrella it makes the day sloppy. If my prospects don't mind, I can put a smile on it. The dogs are looking forward to more sunny and warmer days. With the weather colder than usual and wetter than most, they get to stay enclosed in the bedroom during the day. They have plenty of fresh potty pads each morning just in case... and Eric (@ChihuahuaEric) does enjoy included up on the bed with Bill, Angie & Jenny. It gets complicated for them. How are you spending your Wednesday? What's exciting in your world? What random act of kindness shall you shock and awe with today? Post your pictures here and share your story!

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