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Welcome To Your Wonderful Wednesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! One of the things I'm grateful for is good hair. Rarely over the years have I ended up with a bad hair cut or style. However, there was this one time... at band camp... When I was around 6 or 7, I was the typical kid getting into trouble at every turn. This one time, with excellent intentions, created the biggest hair debacle ever witnessed on my head. Though it started with my sister. You see, she had a few hairs out of place on her bangs. I told her what a good idea it would be if I simply evened them out so her hair all lined up. Nothing can go wrong in this scenario.

So I get and got my kids scissors and made my first attempt to even out her bangs. Did you know kids scissors do not cut like professional hair cutting shears? Well, now you do. After the second and third and... suddenly, out of nowhere, my mom, a professional hair stylist, appeared out of nowhere and began screaming. "What are you doing to your sister?!?!" "I'm making her bangs even, Mom!" I proclaimed proudly. Not really noticing that I'd trimmed enough to create a nearly 1" gap all the way to her scalp. Being helpful was not helpful, apparently, in this situation. My mom went to get her scissors and returned the favor with my bangs. "Now, you'll see what it looks like!" She was not amused. Oh, this was about a week before school pictures were going to be taken, too. Did I mention that? Once her temper cooled, she wanted to fix it so it wouldn't look quite as bad. I declined the offer. For the next few weeks I had hick-bangs. It was the 70's, so I'm not sure if anyone really noticed. And after my parents split up in the mid-80's, my mom decided nobody should ever enjoy any pictures of our family ever again and threw away all pictures I hadn't previously snuck into a private collection. When I have the opportunity to have a great haircut now, I'm always grateful for the skill and expertise that goes into making me the handsome sex symbol who makes people of both genders hearts skip a beat.

Do you have a beauty scare from your childhood that brings you back to reality at the snap of your fingers? Share your story and post your pictures here!

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