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Welcome To Your Wonderful Wednesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow!

One of the things I'm usually grateful for are my dogs lack of barking enthusiasm. At least when I'm home. There've been times, however, my neighbors will text me when I'm at work, "Your dogs are barking up a storm!" Ok, so what do you want me to do about it? Is someone breaking into the house? Is there a taunting crow on the power lines? Is someone threatening them with processed kibble? When I'm home, I've mastered the Dog Whisperer command of "SSSSSST" loudly which gets them back in line. Yelling tends to be at a minimum. Though it happens.

One of the things I most enjoy when I come home at night are the rounds of talking they do as soon as I walk into the door. These are not barks or whines or whimpers. It started with Jenny telling me about her day. Bill has become a regular contributor, too, quickly telling me he was a good boy and didn't potty in the house. It's totally talking to me. Angie, if she can stop wiggling her butt and screaming at me like I'm Elvis with a hot dog in hand, is more concerned about getting a welcome home kiss. Eric spins around in circles. Years ago I had a dog named Guess. Not for the jeans but the hilarity when people would ask what was the dogs name. "Guess?" "I dunno. Rover?" "Nope, Guess." "King?" "Nope, Guess." That Guess regularly talked to me, too. I could kinda get him to say "I love you" in his talking though that may be a bit of a stretch. Though I believed that's what he was saying. I love when dogs talk to me.

Today I'm up at 6a and am carefully timing the morning to start an inspired quickie-workout. I'll get a fast and furious 25 minutes of cardio in, 1 set of weights, and then scurry off to work. We'll see how this plays out this week as I'm committed to getting regular exercise in 6 days a week. Bending over and having your pants split is not the exercise I'm committed to doing. I've also stopped eating in bed at night - buh-bye peanut butter, my thighs will see you later. It's my Monday. It's your Wednesday. How are you celebrating your day? What's one thing you can't wait to do today? Post your pictures here and share your story.

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