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Welcome To Your Wonderful Wednesday

Believe & Receive! Attract & Allow! Yes, I'm up early. Yes, I got enough sleep. Yes, I should be working out. Yes, I actually even WANT to work out. For once my mind is there when my body is like, "Dude, WTF! Give it a rest already!" So that's what's happening today - for the first time in 2 weeks I'm taking a rest day for working out. Yesterday I got a great cardio set in, lots of swinging my 30lb dumbbells around like I'm revisiting my #BBD (Body By Dean) days, and today - WHOA! I can feel the greatness practically reinventing itself. Here's the slippery slope: taking today off means I HAVE TO be back on track Thursday. Taking today off means I am cognizant I'm breaking the cycle. Taking today off means I need to get extra steps in at work today. Taking today off also means my muscles, which really are screaming this morning, will have a chance to rest. When I'm working out daily - the routine is pretty simple. When my work week starts from Wednesday to Saturday - I get in 20-30 minutes of cardio and one "big" set of my dumbbells being swung around in 8 different variations. Sunday is my late day, along with Monday and Tuesday being my scheduled days off, so I'll double the cardio and double the weights on these 3 days. The excuse of "I can't workout without daylight" has seen the light of day and vanished, so I now look forward to getting up, getting sweaty and burning calories before I head to work. It also keeps me moving faster the rest of the day, too.

Instead of counting the 30 minutes down today on the elliptical, I'm pondering the day and the amazing things awaiting in life. I've got a great team who supports me in my current role and I'm excited to return and get back into the swing of things. I have a new AirBnB guest arriving for 6-nights from Georgia tonight who is in town to visit his daughter. I have daylight when I leave the office every night. I have a clean car - inside and out - to enjoy driving with a full tank of gas. And I've got plenty of food to eat which is both healthy and delicious. My day sounds pretty good. And these are just the things I can talk about. There are some really cool happenings behind the scenes I'm working on, now, too. I'll share when the ink is dry. How are you spending your hump day? What's something you're giving yourself a break on today? Post your pictures and share your story! #SBR #TheDadBod

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